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Greetings. [Jun. 5th, 2006|09:14 am]

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The 11th of May (Sunday) at 1:30ish, I'm organising a walk and then burritos. So, you should come.

The plan at the moment is for all of you to get to the Middle Brighton train station or my house, if you're driving. And then we're catching the train to Brighton Beach station (though I want to show everyone the Sandringham/Blackrock area because it's cool I don't think Kobi would like being on the train for that long and the beach at Brighton Beach is very nice too.) and going for a walk there. Then, back off the train, back to my place and I'm making everyone burritos.

It won't be a sterenous walk at all anymore. You can even walk on a footpath the whole time if you decide you are too good to walk on sand. Anyone, however, who decides they do want to walk on the sand or play with the spoodle might do well to wear waterproof shoes, as Kobi will more likely than not run straight down to the water.

But yeah, if people wanted to bring like a beach ball thing or something, that could be fun.

Anyhow, I'm going to go finish my essay now as I'm procrastinating.

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Greetings! [Jun. 4th, 2006|01:47 pm]

Welcome to MUCAAS_social in its LJ incarnation. As the Yahoo group is being crapflooded at the moment (*cough cough*) here is an alternative place to post about parties, events, pub nights etc and not have your little post overwhelmed by spam.

All posts after this one will automatically be set to "friends-only" so that your address, personal details, names of firstborn children, &c., &c., are not plastered all over the internet. If you're really paranoid about such things then don't post them, however at least on LJ you can delete your post once it's not longer relevant, and it won't be stored in an archive or sent to everyone's inbox.

If you wish to be added to the community and it's not obvious from your LiveJournal who you are, please leave a comment to let us know! I've invited all the MUCAAS LJers that I know of but there may be a few missing.

EDIT: I don't understand how invitations work. Just add yourself and spread the word to Mucaas-type people.

- Penny
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